What brand of cat food is good? If you want to choose a cat food suitable for your cat, you should know these three points.

After each shovel is raised, the first thing to consider is the selection of cat food. The cat food in the market is really varied. The cat food of different ages can make you dizzy, not to mention those market segments, such as cat food suitable for gastrointestinal sensitive cats. After raising the cat for a long time, I found that in the cat food purchase, we should choose according to the cat owner’s own situation. It is not to say which cat food is high to buy, just like mutton is a very warm and nutritious meat food. In winter, many people eat hot pot, but I just don’t like it, and cats don’t like it.

How to choose cat food?

  1. Choose high quality cat food

why? If you are an old customer in the pet market, you will understand that many cat foods in the pet market are made of plant-based ingredients, while cats are carnivores. You give cats a cat food made from plant-based ingredients. Not to mention that the cat master can not be pitiful, at least to the health of the cat owner. It is learned from pet doctors that long-term consumption of this cheap cat food may cause the cat to have a heart attack or a more serious condition.

I have heard people say that I can’t look down on the cheap cat food. Don’t panic. I bought this cat food before. I changed the cat food several times and found a little cat food. My cat owner finished a section. The reaction after the time is different, it is lively. You think about it yourself, why is cheap cat food so cheap, because of the problem of raw materials, if you change the plant ingredients into meat suitable for cats, you can still sell it so cheap.

2, according to the cat’s taste to choose cat food

Some people like to eat stinky tofu. Some people feel sick when they smell it. Some people like to eat parsley. Some people are bored when they see parsley. Some cats are also the same, they have their own taste, for example, some cats like beef-flavored cat food, and some like chicken-flavored cat food, which requires us to choose according to the cat’s own situation.

When we buy cat food, we should take a closer look at its ingredients, especially the ingredient list. Generally speaking, the professional pet cat food, the content of the food is reduced from the top to the next, for example, the chicken is in the ingredient list. Ranked first, then the chicken content is higher than other ingredients, which is a small skill for us to choose cat food.

In addition, some cats prefer a cat food, and other things do not eat, just eat this one. At this time, there may be picky eaters. For cats’ health, picky eaters are not a good thing. If you can’t buy this kind of cat food someday, you will be a little confused. Therefore, it is recommended to choose two kinds of cat food that cats like to eat.

3, dry feed and cat canned with

In the previous article, we wrote about the difference between cat dry feed and canned cat. The dry feed is a bit rich in nutrients, but the taste can’t be compared with the canned cat, so if you let the cat choose, I guess most cats will like it. Eat canned cats.

Occasionally, the canned cat and the dry feed are mixed once for the cat to eat, which not only does not allow the cat to eclipse, but also ensures the cat’s protein intake. Because the main ingredient of canned cats is meat, it can provide enough protein for cats. Every time I feed my family’s canned cat, it can’t stop eating. Here is a digression. Cats love to eat is a healthy performance, as long as they are not partial. I myself probably fed one or two cats a week to eat it.

By the way, if you give the cat a canned cat, it is best to let it drink more water, or if you have time, occasionally help it clean the tartar and avoid food residue.


How to change cat food

The above is the content of the choice of cat food, and finally talk about the skills of changing cat food. If you want to change the cat food for cats, you should follow the one-quarter principle, which means that each time you add a quarter of the new cat food. For example, the first time is three-quarters of old cat food plus a quarter of new cat food, the second is half of old cat food and half of new cat food, and so on. This process is usually about a week. If you find that the cat does not eat new cat food, it will reduce the proportion of new cat food and let the cat have a process of adaptation.

I don’t recommend changing the cat food here. One is that the cat may not like it, and the second one is not friendly to the cat’s stomach. If you can find two or three cat foods that cats like to eat, it is best to make cat food. It is also a good choice for cats.


to sum up

  1. Regardless of the price, we should choose cat food with brand protection. Pay attention to the ingredients when buying cat food.

2, can choose cat canned and dry feed together, one is to add protein, and second, to avoid cat partial eclipse.

3, according to the situation of their own cats to choose the right taste, do not blindly follow the flow.

If you still don’t know how to choose cat food, you can check the pet clerk or pet hospital to explain the cat’s situation and let them choose the cat food for your cat.


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