What kind of cat food does a folding ear cat eat?

The intestines and stomach of cats are relatively fragile. Cat food should be fixed and not replaced at will. If it is really to be replaced, it should be replaced slowly. The old cat food should be replaced slowly with more than a week’s forehead. Don’t replace it all at once.

Selection of cat food depends on the specific situation of the cat, if the cat is obese, you can choose some cat food which is healthy and helpful to lose weight, and buy cat food according to the taste of the cat.

When a cat is 1-4 months old, do not feed milk or hard food to the cat. Buy cat food specially eaten by the kitten, soak it in warm water and then feed it. You can also prepare some chicken or beef cooked in white water and feed it with other cat food to ensure that the cat takes in all aspects of nutrition, while avoiding increasing the burden on the cat’s intestines and stomach.

Look at the top five ingredients of cat food. If the top five ingredients are meat, poultry by-products and cereals, and the meat is not specified, cat food containing preservatives BHA/BHT or Ethozyquin is not recommended.

Cat food is produced according to different needs of cats, such as hair removal formula, gastrointestinal sensitivity formula, urination formula, etc. The excrement shovel officer should purchase cat food according to the specific conditions of cats.

The storage date of cat food is about 1-2 years. The shit shovel officer must see clearly the date of cat food. If there is a bad smell when it is opened, don’t give it to the cat.

When choosing cat food, it’s better to choose a company with high reputation.

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