Which brand of dog food is good?

Dog food is so popular among shovel officers and pets because the study found that dogs have shorter intestinal tracts, are not able to absorb the foods that humans eat daily, and do not like to eat slowly, always swallowing. The dog food animal food is very comprehensive in nutrition, and the digestion and absorption rate is extremely high. Together with the scientific formula ratio, the standard quality system, and the feeding, it is extremely convenient and hygienic, and even has the advantages of preventing certain diseases, which is very beneficial. The physical and mental health of dogs is favored by the majority of pet owners. But the variety of dog food brands on the market is dazzling, so what about the dog food in the market?

In fact, there is no such thing as the best dog food for any dog. Because different brands of dog food have different nutritional components and ratios, their focus is very different. For example, some dog foods focus on improving the quality of the coat, while others improve the smell of the dog. Therefore, there is no such thing as eating dog food. The dog food should be selected according to the actual needs of the dog.

Relatively speaking, natural grains are healthier, but they cannot deny the quality of some commercial grains. The quality of many commercial grains is also good, so if the economy itself does not allow natural foods that cannot be bought, then those good commodity foods are also a good choice.

There are dog foods of various price points on the market. Some dog foods can buy a pound of 3-4 yuan. Let’s take the raw cost and take the raw materials. What is the price of pure meat? Although the preparation of pure meat is made by adding various nutrients. But this price is impossible to buy, and some good dog food is generally 10-30 yuan a pound. Therefore, less than 10 yuan of dog food needs attention!

Which brand of dog food is better?

1) Do not choose the recommendation that the production environment standard is low;

2) Try to choose the products produced by professional manufacturers;

3) Before buying, check the brand related information and word of mouth;

4) Try to buy a relatively fresh production date;

5) Try to buy branded products with perfect after-sales service;

Undoubtedly, natural food is a higher stage of dog food development than commercial grain. Nowadays, many dog ​​food brands on the domestic market have launched natural foods. More and more natural grain brands have also dazzled users, and what natural grain brands are chosen. The dog food is not the more expensive, the better, in fact, when we choose dog food, we can also look at the dog food formula, look at the nutritional ingredients and other aspects to choose, whether the light butt is absorbed after eating, all aspects of the body performance How to choose the dog food suitable for dogs through these aspects.

Bella believes that this dog food is a good choice. Dog food uses high-grade ingredients, only fresh chicken, beef and deep-sea fish, and does not contain any animal by-products. The series products have more than 50% meat content and meet the physiological nutritional needs of dogs. The taste is purer and fresher, and the dog loves it more. And achieve more than 90% digestion and absorption rate. The whole series of products add beauty hair ingredients and deep sea fish oil, using US patented hair technology, can maintain the beauty of raw materials after high temperature processing, high content of animal protein, reasonable calcium to phosphorus ratio, meet the needs of skeletal bone development, enhance constitution.


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