Imported dog food with good palatability, how should the shovel officer choose

In view of the current dog food market, we found that a large number of shovel officers tend to import dog food when choosing dog food products. This is because imported dog food is more palatable for dogs. In fact, the palatability of dogs has always been a concern, because palatability refers to a comprehensive synthesis of dog food from the aspects of smell, sight, taste and touch when dogs eat dog food. Reflecting ability, its quality will also determine the extent to which dog food is received by dogs. Then, for the shovel officer, how can we choose imported dog food with good palatability?

  1, choose a big brand, the quality is more assured

  At present, there are many brands of imported dog food in the market, such as North America, Europe, etc. When selecting imported dog food brands, you can choose some famous big brands, because these brands often have more than decades or even more than 100 years of experience. They pay attention to the nutritional ratio of imported dog food, and provide a comprehensive nutritional guarantee for dogs with scientific and reasonable formula. At the same time, large brands of imported dog food products have strict production standards, which can guarantee the quality and safety of imported dog food. 

  2, understand the quality of raw materials

  Imported dog food with good palatability, pay more attention to the choice of ingredients. When we choose imported dog food products, we can understand the origin of these imported dog food materials, so that we can also have a comprehensive understanding of the origin. For example, we can understand The region’s agriculture, animal husbandry, etc., to understand the local climate, humidity and other overall environment, in order to judge the quality of local production of raw materials, to provide a reliable basis and guarantee in the process of choosing imported dog food.

  3. Understand the brand market reputation from various channels

  The quality of imported dog food products can be well understood from the evaluation of the brand in the market. Generally, such imported dog foods will be distributed on many channels, such as the major e-commerce platforms that we are familiar with. Mainstream media, etc., can search for relevant imported dog food brands on these platforms, and through different channels to understand consumers’ true evaluation of the brand’s imported dog food, including product quality, product packaging, product service, dog use. After the feedback and other multi-dimensional analysis, often the market evaluation of imported dog food products is a good choice.

  4, the formal way to buy only to worry

  Good products are often used by some mercenary merchants. In order to avoid buying these counterfeit goods, when you buy such imported dog food, you can choose to purchase them regularly, see if these brands have brand authorization, etc. Choose the imported dog food you want.

  I believe that after you have learned the above aspects, you will be able to choose the dog food that is suitable for the dog’s palatability, so that you can be more worry-free and save trouble in the process of raising the dog.

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