Pet feeding dry goods: Do you understand the dog food formula! You may be murdering your master!

Dog food is something that the masters must eat every day. The premise of promoting scientific feeding of pets is to give the pets a healthy and balanced dog food.

Many pet owners have already left the stage where they used to eat what dogs, but the choice of dog food is still not at all. The shovel officer told me that the dog’s digestion and healing ability is very strong, no one is so delicate, and the dog is not obedient. These are biased. Dogs are like babies. After they are gradually being domesticated as family peddler, their many abilities are deteriorating. They believe that “Buddha cultivating pets” will buy dog ​​food and may eventually harm the dogs.

Learn about dog food.

The role of dog food Dog food is a food that canines eat to meet most of the nutrients they need to survive and vitamins and mineral trace elements.Classificationof dog foods Dog food in the domestic market can now be divided into imported food and domestic food according to the source . The main difference between the two is that the former is a dog food sold in the Chinese market for foreign production and circulation. The price is relatively high, but it is also relatively sought after by the pet owners (national conditions, always feel that the quality of foreign countries is good and reliable); the latter is a native of domestic products. The price is relatively low.According to the production process and product form, it can be divided into dry and wet food . Dry food, as its name implies, has less water and can be stored for a longer period of time; wet foods have a large moisture content, usually in the form of cans or other vacuum packaging, and generally have a short shelf life.

Dog food buying skills

Look: Good dog food, the surface will not have too much oil. There is a lot of oil on the surface, which means that it contains too much animal fat or is sprayed on the surface.Smell: Good dog food, the taste is relatively light. It is a very natural smell of food.Date: Select the latest production of dog food.Packing bag: The material of the fake outer packaging is obviously thin, so there is no strong packaging bag. The thickness of the original packaging bag is 0.2mm, and the thickness of the fake bag is only 0.15mm. Secondly, the color of the fake packaging is too bright and distorted, and the color of the genuine packaging is soft and real.Look at the trademark number: look for products that have a trademark number produced by a regular manufacturer.Shelf life: Be sure to ask the seller about the shelf life of the dog food, and then buy the dog food with reference to the food consumption of the dog. Don’t buy the big package because the big bag is more cost-effective. After the shelf life, the dog food can’t be given to the dog. of.Attempts to new brands and tastes: No matter how good the word of mouth is, how many people buy, or how much money is big, you have to buy a small package to try. Because everyone said good, not necessarily your dog likes, as long as the dog does not like, the money is equal to white.Picking up dog food is very knowledgeable. Today, I will talk about some of the simplest and most practical parts. 

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