When feeding dogs, we must pay attention to these three taboos

Pets, as the name implies, are used for petting. Many people treat dogs as family members and give them the best life and environment. But do we really think that a good life for dogs is the best one for dogs? Raising dogs is like raising children. We should follow the most scientific method instead of indulging. Daily feeding dogs, we must pay attention to these three taboos, otherwise the dog will really short-lived oh.

Number one: Eat too much meat for dogs

Dogs are omnivores. Although they like meat, they can’t digest and absorb too much meat. We are also omnivorous, so we need meat to provide protein, grains to provide carbohydrate, fruits and vegetables to provide cellulose and so on. Dogs eat like us, so they also need to eat in a balanced way.

Some dogs are greedy and like meat very much, but they can’t eat too much meat. Dogs eat too much meat, which may lead to acute pancreatitis in dogs, and seriously endanger their lives. Dogs should eat a richer diet. They should not be given meat only according to their tastes.

Second point: It’s too salty for dogs.

Dogs eat too salty, will easily shed tears and hair, serious also prone to kidney dysfunction. Therefore, since dogs are kept, they should be fed separately instead of being allowed to eat human food. Feeding a dog to eat a meal from a person who is particularly heavy in oil and salt may not be a problem in the short term, but it will be a big problem for a long time. In addition, some inferior dog food because of the addition of many additives, so will make a special “heavy mouth”, long-term eating such dog food, the same is not good.

Third point: feed the dog too much

Domestic dogs are prone to obesity because of inadequate activity and lack of awareness of the crisis of food shortage. Once a dog gains weight, it is easy to suffer from various diseases, some of which even endanger his life. It is also easy for dogs to lose their desire and nature for food and become more fussy when they are always fed too full. In order to avoid this problem, pet owners usually feed their dogs seven or eight cents full. Keeping dogs hungry for food at all times can improve their appetite and survival will, which in turn is better for their health.

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