What’s the difference between cat food and dog food?

If the cat and the dog are raised together, the cat or the dog will be curious about each other’s food, thus mixing it up. There will be shoveling officers who think they are all animals and eat the same idea. In fact, the difference between cat food and dog food is very big.

First of all, cats and dogs have different physical functions and living habits, and different nutritional needs. Cats are carnivorous animals and need more meat.

Dogs are omnivorous animals. They need less meat than cats, but they need some fruit and vegetable ingredients. Secondly, the size of dogs and cats is bigger, and the size of cats is smaller. So the proportion of vitamins and amino acids needed by dogs is different from that of cats. For example, the same proportion of dog food contains about 24% – 30% protein, while cat food contains 30% – 36%.

Finally, dog food lacks taurine, which is essential for cats. If cats eat dog food for a long time, they will not only suffer from malnutrition, but also suffer from visual impairment due to the lack of taurine. Dogs eating cat food for a long time can lead to overnutrition and obesity.

Cat food is made according to the preferences of cats. It usually has a fishy smell and is oily. Dog food is hard and tasteless, so as to avoid the bad habit of picky eating. Because cat food has more meat and more nutrients, it is more expensive than dog food. If cats and dogs are kept at the same time, try to avoid eating them by mistake. If conditions permit, separate feeding can effectively avoid this situation.

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