It’s time to buy snacks for dogs! The dog depends on your performance and see how many of your dog!

The shovel officer who keeps the dog has an experience. He is very sleepy when he is sleeping with Wang Xing. When he blinks, he finds his own dog’s round buttocks rushing at himself. The last second also feels that the dog has recently mellow a lot. A second wake up, I slept last night with a taste!

Trying to communicate with the dog, but unfortunately people don’t want to take care of you, don’t touch me, I will continue to sleep!

Then violent, just turn it over~ The dog is very reluctant to look at you, and he will turn back later.

Some owners want to correct this habit of dogs, and some go with him~In fact, as long as you understand the reasons for this, you will not want to correct this little habit of the dog~

Whether it is a dog or a cat, or other small animals, the back of the body is very important to them~

In their world, the back is like a dead hole. Whether it is playing or welcoming the enemy, it is necessary to avoid letting the other person pounce on the back. It may be fatal to bite the neck.

Your dog can give you the back with confidence, indicating that you are the owner of it in the dog’s eyes. It treats you as relying on you, trusting you, and facing you with your butt. It won’t worry about behind you. It will be dangerous. In its opinion, you won’t hurt it and will protect it. Therefore, the dog is willing to give everything to you, the most sincere performance is to face the owner. So, don’t complain that your dog always looks at you with your ass~

But it is if the dog back to the owner, the distance between the two sides more than five meters , perhaps a dog a bad mood, the disgruntled owner or dissatisfied with it! At this time, the owner should take the initiative to approach the dog, gently touch it, appease its emotions, let it feel the care of the owner, otherwise, the dog’s heart is easy to hurt!

In fact, there are many interesting little habits of dogs that can show that they like you very much, trust you, rely on you~

Come and see a few of your dogs~

Show your belly to you. Sometimes when you touch the back of the dog, it will squat on the outside of the dog, and use your small claws to hold your hand. When you scratch it, it will be comfortable and blinking. A little lazy ~when you sleep, squeeze you hard. Sleeping shallow shovel is a habit of the most heart-breaking! When a dog sleeps with you, no matter how big it is, it only sleeps beside you! But I am used to not being used to this small stove.From time to time, go to your arms. Most dogs are a bit sticky, but they don’t always ask for a hug. If you are eager to ask for more than half, it feels uneasy or scared. In its consciousness you will protect it, it will always shrink into your arms and feel full of security!Always look back at you when you bend. Dogs will always look for your shadow subconsciously, no matter how tempting the outside world is to her! Even if you hear yourname,you will find it~call it the name, and it will run quickly to you.Dogs are sensitive to its name, but it is more sensitive to your voice!As soon as you hear your voice, it will immediately rush to you, and then happily wave your tail to praise.Meet you at the door. The most healing thing to go home every afternoon is that the dog greets me at the door, and it is accompanied by it. The most powerful thing is that I have been waiting for me in that place every time I open the door.Not feeding in front of you. Dogs are all food-feeding. Some docile dogs are not very obvious. Some hot dogs will scream or hurt people very much, but the dog who loves you will calm down after seeing you, wait. You give it back~


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