It’s time to buy snacks for dogs! The dog depends on your performance and see how many of your dog!

The shovel officer who keeps the dog has an experience. He is very sleepy when he is sleeping with Wang Xing. When he blinks, he finds his own dog’s round buttocks rushing at himself. The last second also feels that the dog has recently mellow a lot. A second wake up, I slept last night with a taste!

Trying to communicate with the dog, but unfortunately people don’t want to take care of you, don’t touch me, I will continue to sleep!

Then violent, just turn it over~ The dog is very reluctant to look at you, and he will turn back later.

Some owners want to correct this habit of dogs, and some go with him~In fact, as long as you understand the reasons for this, you will not want to correct this little habit of the dog~

Whether it is a dog or a cat, or other small animals, the back of the body is very important to them~

In their world, the back is like a dead hole. Whether it is playing or welcoming the enemy, it is necessary to avoid letting the other person pounce on the back. It may be fatal to bite the neck.

Your dog can give you the back with confidence, indicating that you are the owner of it in the dog’s eyes. It treats you as relying on you, trusting you, and facing you with your butt. It won’t worry about behind you. It will be dangerous. In its opinion, you won’t hurt it and will protect it. Therefore, the dog is willing to give everything to you, the most sincere performance is to face the owner. So, don’t complain that your dog always looks at you with your ass~

But it is if the dog back to the owner, the distance between the two sides more than five meters , perhaps a dog a bad mood, the disgruntled owner or dissatisfied with it! At this time, the owner should take the initiative to approach the dog, gently touch it, appease its emotions, let it feel the care of the owner, otherwise, the dog’s heart is easy to hurt!

In fact, there are many interesting little habits of dogs that can show that they like you very much, trust you, rely on you~

Come and see a few of your dogs~

Show your belly to you. Sometimes when you touch the back of the dog, it will squat on the outside of the dog, and use your small claws to hold your hand. When you scratch it, it will be comfortable and blinking. A little lazy ~when you sleep, squeeze you hard. Sleeping shallow shovel is a habit of the most heart-breaking! When a dog sleeps with you, no matter how big it is, it only sleeps beside you! But I am used to not being used to this small stove.From time to time, go to your arms. Most dogs are a bit sticky, but they don’t always ask for a hug. If you are eager to ask for more than half, it feels uneasy or scared. In its consciousness you will protect it, it will always shrink into your arms and feel full of security!Always look back at you when you bend. Dogs will always look for your shadow subconsciously, no matter how tempting the outside world is to her! Even if you hear yourname,you will find it~call it the name, and it will run quickly to you.Dogs are sensitive to its name, but it is more sensitive to your voice!As soon as you hear your voice, it will immediately rush to you, and then happily wave your tail to praise.Meet you at the door. The most healing thing to go home every afternoon is that the dog greets me at the door, and it is accompanied by it. The most powerful thing is that I have been waiting for me in that place every time I open the door.Not feeding in front of you. Dogs are all food-feeding. Some docile dogs are not very obvious. Some hot dogs will scream or hurt people very much, but the dog who loves you will calm down after seeing you, wait. You give it back~


What’s the difference between cat food and dog food?

If the cat and the dog are raised together, the cat or the dog will be curious about each other’s food, thus mixing it up. There will be shoveling officers who think they are all animals and eat the same idea. In fact, the difference between cat food and dog food is very big.

First of all, cats and dogs have different physical functions and living habits, and different nutritional needs. Cats are carnivorous animals and need more meat.

Dogs are omnivorous animals. They need less meat than cats, but they need some fruit and vegetable ingredients. Secondly, the size of dogs and cats is bigger, and the size of cats is smaller. So the proportion of vitamins and amino acids needed by dogs is different from that of cats. For example, the same proportion of dog food contains about 24% – 30% protein, while cat food contains 30% – 36%.

Finally, dog food lacks taurine, which is essential for cats. If cats eat dog food for a long time, they will not only suffer from malnutrition, but also suffer from visual impairment due to the lack of taurine. Dogs eating cat food for a long time can lead to overnutrition and obesity.

Cat food is made according to the preferences of cats. It usually has a fishy smell and is oily. Dog food is hard and tasteless, so as to avoid the bad habit of picky eating. Because cat food has more meat and more nutrients, it is more expensive than dog food. If cats and dogs are kept at the same time, try to avoid eating them by mistake. If conditions permit, separate feeding can effectively avoid this situation.

When feeding dogs, we must pay attention to these three taboos

Pets, as the name implies, are used for petting. Many people treat dogs as family members and give them the best life and environment. But do we really think that a good life for dogs is the best one for dogs? Raising dogs is like raising children. We should follow the most scientific method instead of indulging. Daily feeding dogs, we must pay attention to these three taboos, otherwise the dog will really short-lived oh.

Number one: Eat too much meat for dogs

Dogs are omnivores. Although they like meat, they can’t digest and absorb too much meat. We are also omnivorous, so we need meat to provide protein, grains to provide carbohydrate, fruits and vegetables to provide cellulose and so on. Dogs eat like us, so they also need to eat in a balanced way.

Some dogs are greedy and like meat very much, but they can’t eat too much meat. Dogs eat too much meat, which may lead to acute pancreatitis in dogs, and seriously endanger their lives. Dogs should eat a richer diet. They should not be given meat only according to their tastes.

Second point: It’s too salty for dogs.

Dogs eat too salty, will easily shed tears and hair, serious also prone to kidney dysfunction. Therefore, since dogs are kept, they should be fed separately instead of being allowed to eat human food. Feeding a dog to eat a meal from a person who is particularly heavy in oil and salt may not be a problem in the short term, but it will be a big problem for a long time. In addition, some inferior dog food because of the addition of many additives, so will make a special “heavy mouth”, long-term eating such dog food, the same is not good.

Third point: feed the dog too much

Domestic dogs are prone to obesity because of inadequate activity and lack of awareness of the crisis of food shortage. Once a dog gains weight, it is easy to suffer from various diseases, some of which even endanger his life. It is also easy for dogs to lose their desire and nature for food and become more fussy when they are always fed too full. In order to avoid this problem, pet owners usually feed their dogs seven or eight cents full. Keeping dogs hungry for food at all times can improve their appetite and survival will, which in turn is better for their health.

Pet feeding dry goods: Do you understand the dog food formula! You may be murdering your master!

Dog food is something that the masters must eat every day. The premise of promoting scientific feeding of pets is to give the pets a healthy and balanced dog food.

Many pet owners have already left the stage where they used to eat what dogs, but the choice of dog food is still not at all. The shovel officer told me that the dog’s digestion and healing ability is very strong, no one is so delicate, and the dog is not obedient. These are biased. Dogs are like babies. After they are gradually being domesticated as family peddler, their many abilities are deteriorating. They believe that “Buddha cultivating pets” will buy dog ​​food and may eventually harm the dogs.

Learn about dog food.

The role of dog food Dog food is a food that canines eat to meet most of the nutrients they need to survive and vitamins and mineral trace elements.Classificationof dog foods Dog food in the domestic market can now be divided into imported food and domestic food according to the source . The main difference between the two is that the former is a dog food sold in the Chinese market for foreign production and circulation. The price is relatively high, but it is also relatively sought after by the pet owners (national conditions, always feel that the quality of foreign countries is good and reliable); the latter is a native of domestic products. The price is relatively low.According to the production process and product form, it can be divided into dry and wet food . Dry food, as its name implies, has less water and can be stored for a longer period of time; wet foods have a large moisture content, usually in the form of cans or other vacuum packaging, and generally have a short shelf life.

Dog food buying skills

Look: Good dog food, the surface will not have too much oil. There is a lot of oil on the surface, which means that it contains too much animal fat or is sprayed on the surface.Smell: Good dog food, the taste is relatively light. It is a very natural smell of food.Date: Select the latest production of dog food.Packing bag: The material of the fake outer packaging is obviously thin, so there is no strong packaging bag. The thickness of the original packaging bag is 0.2mm, and the thickness of the fake bag is only 0.15mm. Secondly, the color of the fake packaging is too bright and distorted, and the color of the genuine packaging is soft and real.Look at the trademark number: look for products that have a trademark number produced by a regular manufacturer.Shelf life: Be sure to ask the seller about the shelf life of the dog food, and then buy the dog food with reference to the food consumption of the dog. Don’t buy the big package because the big bag is more cost-effective. After the shelf life, the dog food can’t be given to the dog. of.Attempts to new brands and tastes: No matter how good the word of mouth is, how many people buy, or how much money is big, you have to buy a small package to try. Because everyone said good, not necessarily your dog likes, as long as the dog does not like, the money is equal to white.Picking up dog food is very knowledgeable. Today, I will talk about some of the simplest and most practical parts. 

Which brand of dog food is good for the fighting dog?

The French Bulldog’s gentle and quiet pet dog is one of the more popular small dogs. In the process of raising the French cow, I believe that the owner also chooses the dog food for the French cow, and feels troubled, then the French cow should eat. What brand of dog food is better? Let Bella analyze it for everyone today!

When choosing dog food for French bulldogs, no matter what brand, it is best to choose natural foods first. Compared with natural foods, the nutrition is more comprehensive, the materials are fresher and the salt is lower, which is more suitable for dog absorption.

The commodity grain and salt content is relatively high, eating more easily lead to skin diseases, tear marks and other symptoms, and the materials are not fresh, eating too much is not good for the body, otherwise the commodity grain will not sell so cheap!

So what brand should I pick when choosing natural food?

“Wellness is relatively cheaper, the most important thing is to eat it and not stink.” “NOW, no grain dog food, dogs eat long flesh.” “Hungry, but also grainless food, but it is said that individual dogs have eaten It smells bad.”

“Nikeke’s dog food is high in fat and protein, and it is very good for dogs with bad hair.” “Royal dog food, specializing in pet clothes, dog food, my dog ​​has been fed, and it will be black and stinky when eaten.” But nutrition is still quite adequate.”

Cannon dog food, Purina has more than 80 years of pet food professional manufacturing experience and leading technology to develop a comprehensive balanced nutrition cannon dog food, dedicated to the function of the three protection systems of strong dogs.

My family feeds the price of “not greasy natural dog food” , and it is relatively cheap, and you can eat beautiful hair, tears, and will not be black and odor, nutrition is comprehensive, and effectively promote absorption and digestion!

The choice of dog food depends not only on the brand, but also on which dog is suitable for you, so it is necessary to compare the purchase of a dog.

It is recommended that when choosing dog food, don’t be greedy and cheap. Buy some inferior dog food for the French cow. It is not good for the French cow to eat too much, so it is very important for the French cow to have a good dog food!


Imported dog food with good palatability, how should the shovel officer choose

In view of the current dog food market, we found that a large number of shovel officers tend to import dog food when choosing dog food products. This is because imported dog food is more palatable for dogs. In fact, the palatability of dogs has always been a concern, because palatability refers to a comprehensive synthesis of dog food from the aspects of smell, sight, taste and touch when dogs eat dog food. Reflecting ability, its quality will also determine the extent to which dog food is received by dogs. Then, for the shovel officer, how can we choose imported dog food with good palatability?

  1, choose a big brand, the quality is more assured

  At present, there are many brands of imported dog food in the market, such as North America, Europe, etc. When selecting imported dog food brands, you can choose some famous big brands, because these brands often have more than decades or even more than 100 years of experience. They pay attention to the nutritional ratio of imported dog food, and provide a comprehensive nutritional guarantee for dogs with scientific and reasonable formula. At the same time, large brands of imported dog food products have strict production standards, which can guarantee the quality and safety of imported dog food. 

  2, understand the quality of raw materials

  Imported dog food with good palatability, pay more attention to the choice of ingredients. When we choose imported dog food products, we can understand the origin of these imported dog food materials, so that we can also have a comprehensive understanding of the origin. For example, we can understand The region’s agriculture, animal husbandry, etc., to understand the local climate, humidity and other overall environment, in order to judge the quality of local production of raw materials, to provide a reliable basis and guarantee in the process of choosing imported dog food.

  3. Understand the brand market reputation from various channels

  The quality of imported dog food products can be well understood from the evaluation of the brand in the market. Generally, such imported dog foods will be distributed on many channels, such as the major e-commerce platforms that we are familiar with. Mainstream media, etc., can search for relevant imported dog food brands on these platforms, and through different channels to understand consumers’ true evaluation of the brand’s imported dog food, including product quality, product packaging, product service, dog use. After the feedback and other multi-dimensional analysis, often the market evaluation of imported dog food products is a good choice.

  4, the formal way to buy only to worry

  Good products are often used by some mercenary merchants. In order to avoid buying these counterfeit goods, when you buy such imported dog food, you can choose to purchase them regularly, see if these brands have brand authorization, etc. Choose the imported dog food you want.

  I believe that after you have learned the above aspects, you will be able to choose the dog food that is suitable for the dog’s palatability, so that you can be more worry-free and save trouble in the process of raising the dog.

Which brand of dog food is good?

Dog food is so popular among shovel officers and pets because the study found that dogs have shorter intestinal tracts, are not able to absorb the foods that humans eat daily, and do not like to eat slowly, always swallowing. The dog food animal food is very comprehensive in nutrition, and the digestion and absorption rate is extremely high. Together with the scientific formula ratio, the standard quality system, and the feeding, it is extremely convenient and hygienic, and even has the advantages of preventing certain diseases, which is very beneficial. The physical and mental health of dogs is favored by the majority of pet owners. But the variety of dog food brands on the market is dazzling, so what about the dog food in the market?

In fact, there is no such thing as the best dog food for any dog. Because different brands of dog food have different nutritional components and ratios, their focus is very different. For example, some dog foods focus on improving the quality of the coat, while others improve the smell of the dog. Therefore, there is no such thing as eating dog food. The dog food should be selected according to the actual needs of the dog.

Relatively speaking, natural grains are healthier, but they cannot deny the quality of some commercial grains. The quality of many commercial grains is also good, so if the economy itself does not allow natural foods that cannot be bought, then those good commodity foods are also a good choice.

There are dog foods of various price points on the market. Some dog foods can buy a pound of 3-4 yuan. Let’s take the raw cost and take the raw materials. What is the price of pure meat? Although the preparation of pure meat is made by adding various nutrients. But this price is impossible to buy, and some good dog food is generally 10-30 yuan a pound. Therefore, less than 10 yuan of dog food needs attention!

Which brand of dog food is better?

1) Do not choose the recommendation that the production environment standard is low;

2) Try to choose the products produced by professional manufacturers;

3) Before buying, check the brand related information and word of mouth;

4) Try to buy a relatively fresh production date;

5) Try to buy branded products with perfect after-sales service;

Undoubtedly, natural food is a higher stage of dog food development than commercial grain. Nowadays, many dog ​​food brands on the domestic market have launched natural foods. More and more natural grain brands have also dazzled users, and what natural grain brands are chosen. The dog food is not the more expensive, the better, in fact, when we choose dog food, we can also look at the dog food formula, look at the nutritional ingredients and other aspects to choose, whether the light butt is absorbed after eating, all aspects of the body performance How to choose the dog food suitable for dogs through these aspects.

Bella believes that this dog food is a good choice. Dog food uses high-grade ingredients, only fresh chicken, beef and deep-sea fish, and does not contain any animal by-products. The series products have more than 50% meat content and meet the physiological nutritional needs of dogs. The taste is purer and fresher, and the dog loves it more. And achieve more than 90% digestion and absorption rate. The whole series of products add beauty hair ingredients and deep sea fish oil, using US patented hair technology, can maintain the beauty of raw materials after high temperature processing, high content of animal protein, reasonable calcium to phosphorus ratio, meet the needs of skeletal bone development, enhance constitution.


What kind of cat food does a folding ear cat eat?

The intestines and stomach of cats are relatively fragile. Cat food should be fixed and not replaced at will. If it is really to be replaced, it should be replaced slowly. The old cat food should be replaced slowly with more than a week’s forehead. Don’t replace it all at once.

Selection of cat food depends on the specific situation of the cat, if the cat is obese, you can choose some cat food which is healthy and helpful to lose weight, and buy cat food according to the taste of the cat.

When a cat is 1-4 months old, do not feed milk or hard food to the cat. Buy cat food specially eaten by the kitten, soak it in warm water and then feed it. You can also prepare some chicken or beef cooked in white water and feed it with other cat food to ensure that the cat takes in all aspects of nutrition, while avoiding increasing the burden on the cat’s intestines and stomach.

Look at the top five ingredients of cat food. If the top five ingredients are meat, poultry by-products and cereals, and the meat is not specified, cat food containing preservatives BHA/BHT or Ethozyquin is not recommended.

Cat food is produced according to different needs of cats, such as hair removal formula, gastrointestinal sensitivity formula, urination formula, etc. The excrement shovel officer should purchase cat food according to the specific conditions of cats.

The storage date of cat food is about 1-2 years. The shit shovel officer must see clearly the date of cat food. If there is a bad smell when it is opened, don’t give it to the cat.

When choosing cat food, it’s better to choose a company with high reputation.

What brand of cat food is good? If you want to choose a cat food suitable for your cat, you should know these three points.

After each shovel is raised, the first thing to consider is the selection of cat food. The cat food in the market is really varied. The cat food of different ages can make you dizzy, not to mention those market segments, such as cat food suitable for gastrointestinal sensitive cats. After raising the cat for a long time, I found that in the cat food purchase, we should choose according to the cat owner’s own situation. It is not to say which cat food is high to buy, just like mutton is a very warm and nutritious meat food. In winter, many people eat hot pot, but I just don’t like it, and cats don’t like it.

How to choose cat food?

  1. Choose high quality cat food

why? If you are an old customer in the pet market, you will understand that many cat foods in the pet market are made of plant-based ingredients, while cats are carnivores. You give cats a cat food made from plant-based ingredients. Not to mention that the cat master can not be pitiful, at least to the health of the cat owner. It is learned from pet doctors that long-term consumption of this cheap cat food may cause the cat to have a heart attack or a more serious condition.

I have heard people say that I can’t look down on the cheap cat food. Don’t panic. I bought this cat food before. I changed the cat food several times and found a little cat food. My cat owner finished a section. The reaction after the time is different, it is lively. You think about it yourself, why is cheap cat food so cheap, because of the problem of raw materials, if you change the plant ingredients into meat suitable for cats, you can still sell it so cheap.

2, according to the cat’s taste to choose cat food

Some people like to eat stinky tofu. Some people feel sick when they smell it. Some people like to eat parsley. Some people are bored when they see parsley. Some cats are also the same, they have their own taste, for example, some cats like beef-flavored cat food, and some like chicken-flavored cat food, which requires us to choose according to the cat’s own situation.

When we buy cat food, we should take a closer look at its ingredients, especially the ingredient list. Generally speaking, the professional pet cat food, the content of the food is reduced from the top to the next, for example, the chicken is in the ingredient list. Ranked first, then the chicken content is higher than other ingredients, which is a small skill for us to choose cat food.

In addition, some cats prefer a cat food, and other things do not eat, just eat this one. At this time, there may be picky eaters. For cats’ health, picky eaters are not a good thing. If you can’t buy this kind of cat food someday, you will be a little confused. Therefore, it is recommended to choose two kinds of cat food that cats like to eat.

3, dry feed and cat canned with

In the previous article, we wrote about the difference between cat dry feed and canned cat. The dry feed is a bit rich in nutrients, but the taste can’t be compared with the canned cat, so if you let the cat choose, I guess most cats will like it. Eat canned cats.

Occasionally, the canned cat and the dry feed are mixed once for the cat to eat, which not only does not allow the cat to eclipse, but also ensures the cat’s protein intake. Because the main ingredient of canned cats is meat, it can provide enough protein for cats. Every time I feed my family’s canned cat, it can’t stop eating. Here is a digression. Cats love to eat is a healthy performance, as long as they are not partial. I myself probably fed one or two cats a week to eat it.

By the way, if you give the cat a canned cat, it is best to let it drink more water, or if you have time, occasionally help it clean the tartar and avoid food residue.


How to change cat food

The above is the content of the choice of cat food, and finally talk about the skills of changing cat food. If you want to change the cat food for cats, you should follow the one-quarter principle, which means that each time you add a quarter of the new cat food. For example, the first time is three-quarters of old cat food plus a quarter of new cat food, the second is half of old cat food and half of new cat food, and so on. This process is usually about a week. If you find that the cat does not eat new cat food, it will reduce the proportion of new cat food and let the cat have a process of adaptation.

I don’t recommend changing the cat food here. One is that the cat may not like it, and the second one is not friendly to the cat’s stomach. If you can find two or three cat foods that cats like to eat, it is best to make cat food. It is also a good choice for cats.


to sum up

  1. Regardless of the price, we should choose cat food with brand protection. Pay attention to the ingredients when buying cat food.

2, can choose cat canned and dry feed together, one is to add protein, and second, to avoid cat partial eclipse.

3, according to the situation of their own cats to choose the right taste, do not blindly follow the flow.

If you still don’t know how to choose cat food, you can check the pet clerk or pet hospital to explain the cat’s situation and let them choose the cat food for your cat.


Do cats need to change their cat food brands regularly?

Do cats need to change their cat food brands regularly?

Use well, why should we change it? Some large-brand cat food has no special situation or should not be changed. Changing cat food may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, or even stress symptoms.

It takes a while for cats to change their cat food. They eat it together and gradually increase the amount of alternative cat food. There is also the problem of gastrointestinal adaptation. If not, it may cause cat discomfort.

Therefore, it is suggested that cat food should not be changed frequently. If you think that a single cat food may cause nutritional imbalance, you can try to cook cat food for cats, chicken, beef, carrots and so on. You can also buy some nutrients for cats to eat.

Cat food brands that are sensitive to the gastrointestinal tract are prone to vomiting, loose stool, dilution and so on, especially puppet cats whose gastrointestinal tract is weaker than other cats. Really want to give cat owners or kittens in the growing process of food replacement should also be slowly, each kind of cat food has instructions on how to replace. Usually the best two kinds of cat food mixed to eat, because fear of one cat food suddenly out of stock, and the composition of each brand of food is somewhat different, so that cat owners can absorb more nutrients! Unless cat food is changed to meet different growth needs from childhood to stability.

Netizens: It is not recommended to always change. Three cats in my family regularly eat two kinds of cat food, during which they supplement other manufactured cat food (fish, shrimp, meat, cat grass, etc.) from time to time. The oldest cat is over 10 years old, and has been healthy all the time. It can see shiny fur in the sunshine. When cats were first raised, I had no experience. I tried to change several different brands of cat food for cats for some time. Later, I found that I either did not eat or vomited more often. Later, I fixed two brands and have eaten them till now.

Netizen: Cats can’t always change the brand of cat food. There are three cats in my family. I didn’t know how to buy different brands of cat food with different tastes at first. The thinner the cat eats, the more she doesn’t like eating. Sometimes she has diarrhea. Later, I learned that the reason is that she often changes cat food.

Netizens: I think that in cat breeding process, once there is cat food suitable for cats, it is not appropriate to change cat food varieties frequently, but this process will experience the change of cat food varieties. For example, from the beginning of all kinds of domestic cat food to the present import of cat food, including canned cat food, it is only after various comparisons that we have decided to eat the same brand of cat food. Cats like to eat, and slaves are happy to watch.